Parties for big kids between 8 & 13


Kids Karaoke (2hrs) £200

we have all the latest charts music in our state of the art karaoke system. We usually have kamakazi rounds where the boys sing off against the girls the loudest group win a prize. any other silly competitions we always have parents and kids alike wondering where the time went.


Kids Krazy Disco (2hrs) £200

Today all the kids want to look cool and dancing is not really cool for boys (so they think). Well we take the element of cool out and provide what some parents describe as a mini concert. We have our D.J/Children's entertainer out dancing with the children doing all the cool dances and even get them singing along with some of the big tunes. There is no question of the kids taking part as there is competitions for almost every other track and prizes to be won . We also allow time a break in the middle of the party for food and time for the party animals to catch there breath.


The Kids Karaoke/Disco Party (2hrs) £250

This party is a combination of both with all the disco lights and games combined with the hilarious fun of karaoke more competitions & prizes everyone is likely to win something fun.


Tattoo/Music (2hrs) £200


With older kids magic shows are just so not cool anymore!

So why not treat them to a temporary tattoo party all the kids (up to 25 kids) can have up to 3 tattoos each while all the latest chart music is playing in the background with all the latest party dances to boot.

Yo Yo Workshop (1hr) £125

Yo Yo's have been popular from the seventies and even more popular now. All the children will be given there very own spinner yo yo and taught how to do some really cool moves like getting a really good spin to work on the tricks.

Tricks Like.

Walking the dog

Rock the baby

Eating Spaghetti

and a few more

This workshop is upto 20 kids additional children will be charged at £5 this fee will include there yo yo.