Kelly & David


Thank you to Entertainment HQ for making our day so Special!


The day started off with the Wedding ceremony music. James provided exactly the music we wanted and made sure everything went to Plan, even though the Bride was 45 minutes late!!!! But there was no problems with the music and the volume in the rooms was perfect.


One thing we wanted for our Guests, was to be Entertained while we spent hours getting photos taken! We liked the idea of a magician. James provided this service during the day. Even weeks after the wedding we still have friends talking about the Magic! They were amazed what James was doing which caused a great atmosphere throughout the day. This made us very happy as this passed the time while we got out photos.

During the Wedding Breakfast, Entertainment HQ looked after the kids for the speeches. The kids then marched through the tables with amazing animal Balloons and hats with huge smiles on there faces.


After the meal we headed downstairs to the Evening Reception. We had a problem with our new born who wouldn't settle. Entertainment HQ were calm about the situation as it was traditional the Bride and Groom do the first dance. As our Guest were a big part of our day, we asked James to entertain the guest while we settled our Baby.

We entered the room and were amazed that the dance floor was full! Everyone was partying! I have never been to a wedding where all the guest filled the Dance floor early in the evening. James then cleared the dance floor for our first Dance. Our song started, and the clouds on the floor just made the moment perfect! After the first Dance songs were over, the night turned into a fabulous party! Everyone just danced the night away! James was soo versatile with the music, there was always something different going on and kept the floor full. He really knew how to control the dance floor. That's when we knew we hadn't booked a DJ, we had booked an Entertainer!


A few days later we had a DVD posted through our door. It was the pictures taken by Entertainment HQ throughout the day. We love it. It was great to see the photos from the day guests, and how everyone was interacting with one another. This is something we could not see as we were getting photos taken all day! A great wee extra.


Entertainment HQ provided a service that we did not expect. Looking at the whole day, we cannot fault the service provided. But you know when your wedding is great. The guests keep telling you weeks after the Wedding, what a great day they had. And all they kept mentioning was the Entertainment through the day and music at night. We cannot thank Entertainment HQ enough for Creating a relaxed atmosphere during the day, making people smile and laugh and a Party atmosphere at night. Wish we could do it all over again!


David Angus


Kev & Lydia 


I'm writing this sitting on a beach in Thailand- thats how eager I am to praise this man. 

A week ago I married the man of my dreams. James made everything run as smoothly as possible. His dedication to his job makes the difference, he loves what he does and it shows. I can't thank him enough. 


He spent time with us in the months running up to our big day, getting to know us. His set up was beautiful, none of this "in your face" business a lot of entertainers have. Having his own photographer, Kenny, was an excellent added bonus. It wasn't until looking through the photographs that we saw how much he done while we where away getting our "professional" ones taken. Everyone loved him. I've yet to hear a bad word said about him. And the magic was AMAZING. I can't wait for more events to come up so I can hire him again.


The day was one to remember regardless, but James made it one EVERYONE will remember. THANK YOU!!!!!


Lydia Reid  Things To Know Before Booking Your Wedding Entertainment.pdf