"Hi There James

Just a line to tell you how much everyone enjoyed your show the other night. Everyone that took part had no after affects and were complimented by everyone else. We have been inundated with calls asking when the next show is so I think it will be sooner than we had expected. Eddie will be in touch to arrange another night possibly this month! It was a fantastic evening and you made the volunteers into stars for the evening. We have been asked about videos as well. Hope to see you again soon."


Red Moss Hotel



What a fantastic night. Thanks James for very entertaining evening, I havent laughed as much for ages. I am sure all our members will be talking your show for a long time to come. I will certainly have you back soon. Thanks again, from all the members at Harrysmuir Bowling Club, Ladywell, Livingston.

Carol McCulloch

Harrysmuir Bowling Club
Hi James, Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for a great night at the Regal Theatre, Bathgate last Friday night. We have never laughed so much. When are you coming back? Martin Jameson
There were six of us there and we all think your brilliant, the ballet dancers were hysterical. We willl definately go again. Anne from Bathgate

How would you liked to wow your audience with the most exciting and mystifying night's entertainment ever!!!! Guaranteed!! 

Well look no further than James Kennedy. James has studied hypnosis for over 16 years and has professionally entertained audiences internationally for over 10 years. Over this time he has amazed and baffled tens of thousands of people with his unique style of comedy magic and hilarious hypnosis shows.

The question that's always asked of James, from pro's and the general public alike is "How do you always have great shows?" The answer is simple. Cover all the bases making sure that no one is embarrassed. Also it is imperative to maintain a professional attitude to the business; however this should be done without acting too seriously. It's a real fine balance that you don't want to upset, but to ensure that everything goes to plan its something that must be kept the main priority.

Many companies book James because of this professional approach. That coupled with his fine attention to detail make the difference between a good show and a James Kennedy show. Many events organiser's have re booked James as they know he and his services are always a 1st class, 100% guaranteed success. They also book him in a consultancy role to event organise themed events and help them to come up with new concepts and incentives.


The Show

Average Hypnotist Vs James Kennedy

The difference with most hypnotists compared to James Kennedy is that they are hypnotists trying to be entertaining whereas James is an entertainer who can do hypnosis.

Let me explain. Most hypnothearapists come from a psychology background and are very serious in nature. James on the other hand is a hypnotic entertainer. He studied hypnosis and became a fully qualified hypnotherapist purely to understand stage hypnosis in its entirety.  James has been a close up and children's magician who is always the life and soul of every party.  The combination of entertaining new routines he devised and old routines that he takes and makes his own coupled with his hilarious comedy mind are second to none. No two shows are the same.

Using  his quick witted humour, the show can roller coaster from the realms of the unknown to the down right absurd.  By working with his volunteers rather than against them he finds the laughter in all situations and this in turn allows the volunteers to shine like the stars they really are.

A lot of people are apprehensive about taking part in a hypnosis show. This is due to unethical and devious characters of the past who try and pass themselves off as stage hypnotists. After his shows James has countless people coming to speak to him wishing they would have volunteered but did not for the fear of being stripped naked or made to kiss or fondle other volunteers under hypnosis.  James feels very strongly about making the show as entertaining as possible but it's never at the determent of his subjects.  As a result of this he has had many people come back to his shows time and time again both to take part  and to simply watch and enjoy the show again. You can rest assured that James Kennedy's shows will always be in the best possible taste and appropriate to the age attitude of his audience. 

Custom Presentations
Most clients that cater for the general public find James show a blast however private companies who would like a tailor made bespoke show with company buzz words and company relevant topics are also catered for. Please call james and advise him of your needs and he can write a individual show on your behalf.
Shows Fees
Stand Alone Hypnosis  Show  from £350.00 (travelling expenses additonal)
No PA equipment. James supplies the C.D and the venue needs to supply DJ and sound system (min 1000 watts) Ideal for an add on to a full nights entertainment. Lasts approximately 90 minutes.
Self Contained Hypnosis Show from £400.00
This is a perfect show for a pub or small club. The PA system will work for up to 150 people. James brings everything he needs and uses his own music from an ipod.
Magic & Mystery Show from £550.00
This a great nights entertainment. James will play background music while he does strolling magic round your venue, followed by his hilarious comedy hypnosis show.
Hypno Disco from £550.00 (within a 50 mile radius of ML5)
Does exactly what it says on the tin. The Disco warms the audience up before show time then after the hypnosis show the DJ will have them dancing the rest of the night away.
A Tribute to Vegas from £895.00  (up to 100 miles, no mileage fee)
This is a night you will not forget!
The night starts of with some vegas style background music to get everyone in the mood then James will stroll round the venue showing some mind boggling magic and making you realise why you should never play cards with a magician! After everyone is warmed up with his comedy antics it's showtime. You will be entertained by the lovely Laura Fletcher who will amuse you with her one liners and her great singing skills. Then it's time for the James Kennedy comedy hypnosis show. This show always gets a laugh with the hilarious sketches and comedy antics. Once the show is finished you will be invited to dance the rest of the night away with Laura and who knows James might even join in for a song or two aswell.

If you would like to see James show in your area email or call with the venue and number and he will contact the venue to hopefully perform there on your behalf.